FYI, I’m just showing off my bedroom. But this is how I’ll inspire people, how to make your room become actually yours. By giving it own personal touch to it.

Mine is by giving some little paint and frames.

And voila! It came out so original.

Here are some best part of my room, and the rest is a mess, like people said, nearly to term of a wrecked ship, so i don’t show it whole.



This is the best one I got. Also the first one I made.

The leaves just frustrate me at first so then i ended up like repainted the leaves without trying to get the first ones off. But i think it seems like it had more leaves than it supposed to be.

Well, yeah, it kinda looked cool, right?

And I love the sparkling details. That’s why i named it Fairy Tree, the tree of life.



The blue birds were some mess i made once again. But i love how the lanterns worked just okay, i meant, better.



This part is right above my bed.

The frames, i admit, need some further arrangement. And the bird needs some eyes. The dreamcatcher is awesome as well as the flowing leaves.



I painted this on the left side on my bed.

The fairy was disappointing, but i couldn’t do anything about it. it’s permanent.

Room makeover is about how to change some lame, boring room into incredibly (or at least different than the other) awesome place.You can do this one way or another, anything will do.

Be different.


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