What’s Up!


I don’t have much to show, really. I’ve been kinda busy with this thing called school and real-life.
My drawing skills, if you asked, i think it’s improving very well. i mean better than when i was 7.
hell, of course it is.
i’m working on the “Jim Lee”-style, or if you don’t even what a “Jim Lee” is, it’s a person. An artist. A great artist. DC Comic artist. If you ever read, seen, admire if you must, the new 52 DC Universe. It’s the Jim Lee works.
Though it’s hard, lots of work i suppose. But practice makes perfect, that’s what i learned.
And other than Jim Lee, i also have Glen Keane’s. This one is more flexible, dynamic kind of drawing, since Glen is one of best DIsney Animation artist.
So, i… TOTALLY love them.
Here’s one sneak peek on my first (or second i guess) comic-like heroine warrior of my own….



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