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“But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew.”
– Pocahontas

When we talk about us and earth, this just the right song to look up to. Try to understand things that you don’t. The only way to find out is to find out.

I think I just make another quote out of quote, did I?

Anyway, in this case, Pocahontas was trying to convince John Smith for not killing a bear, which actually was a mother of some bear cubs. Now you remember that line.

“But if you wal…


Ever After High



So, this is another fairytale twist today.

Their children go to High School, that’s what. From Cinderella’s daughter to even Mad Hatter’s! Did i just encourage you to watch some adorable highly-fashioned fairytale character?

Yep. I suggest you to watch it just now on Youtube or its website on

Upcomin’ TV Series


When it comes to movie and else, I’m the expert.
Call me a movie geek, I’m cool with that.
But I’ll just giving up some brief news for October’s new tv series. which is gonna be… so AWESOME!
It’s nearly October, and yes for Arrow season 2.
Yes, for Stephen Amell cousin’s new tv series, The Tomorrow People.
Yes, for CW’s medieval drama, Reign.
No, for Catching Fire, it’s not a tv series and it’s coming up on November not October. Too bad.


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What’s Up!


I don’t have much to show, really. I’ve been kinda busy with this thing called school and real-life.
My drawing skills, if you asked, i think it’s improving very well. i mean better than when i was 7.
hell, of course it is.
i’m working on the “Jim Lee”-style, or if you don’t even what a “Jim Lee” is, it’s a person. An artist. A great artist. DC Comic artist. If you ever read, seen, admire if you must, the new 52 DC Universe. It’s the Jim Lee works.
Though it’s hard, lots of work i suppose. But practice makes perfect, that’s what i learned.
And other than Jim Lee, i also have Glen Keane’s. This one is more flexible, dynamic kind of drawing, since Glen is one of best DIsney Animation artist.
So, i… TOTALLY love them.
Here’s one sneak peek on my first (or second i guess) comic-like heroine warrior of my own….


Katara fan-art


Katara fan-art

In this project, i used an EE pencil for the sharp black and the shade as well, an eraser and the most important thing…. imagination!
Yeah, well, i did just make a semi-realistic out of the cartoon Katara original cartoon style.